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    One of my best friends has a daughter who is deaf. Unfortunately in her case, it wasn’t picked up until her daughter was much older (around 4-5 years old). She has had cochlear implants fitted and for the most part leads a life no different than any other kid, she’s 13 now. There are obviously some differences, in she needs some specialist equipment at school (microphone the teacher wears) and regular appointments with specialists but it hasn’t limited her in living a normal life. There have been so many amazing advances in medical technology that mean people who are deaf are no longer as isolated or excluded from the wider society as much as they used to be.

    Finding out your baby has a condition or disability can be a massive shock. In a way, your wife is probably grieving. She would have had images in her mind about life would be with this new little person and now that has pretty much been thrown out the window. It may take her some time to adjust to the new idea of what life will be like. It won’t change the love she has for this little person, but it may mean she needs a bit more support in the coming months/years. Talk to your care provider, speak to the social worker at the hospital. There are so many groups and so much support out there these days, neither of you will be doing this alone.

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    I haven’t been on here in ages

    I’m deaf and son is diagnosed severe/profound he has some hearing at extreme dB levels.
    He has a cochlear implant now with another to come this year some time. The plan had originally been to do both at the same time but didn’t get done on the day.

    All I can say for your wife, being deaf isn’t bad I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything and feel like my life is pretty normal, I work go shopping and pay the bills.
    I enjoy music but concede the way I enjoy it maybe different to you but I have no basis of reference.

    Follow what the doctors tell you and if they tell you to get him a cochlear implant don’t delay it just do it.

    I’m happy to talk about all the brands of implants and differences but I won’t on this post.

    Feel free to message me if I can help. If you do I get a notification in my email so will respond pretty quick

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