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    Default Trevor & Scott looking for help to make a miracle

    Hello everyone!

    My partner Trevor and I (Scott) are intended parents from Melbourne. We are currently on a journey of starting our own family through surrogacy and we are reaching out to find that one last crucial piece of the puzzle - an amazing woman who would be willing to help us bring new life and joy into the world.

    We have been on this journey for around six months and have been attending lots of community events and doing ludicrous amounts of research. Recently a close friend of ours has offered to be an egg donor for us and we are currently under going the donation process. With that part well in hand, we are now going out on a limb to introduce ourselves in the hope that we will meet the woman who will change our lives by being our surrogate mother.

    About Trevor
    Trevor is 28 years old and moved to Melbourne from Hobart around eight years ago (or the mainland as Tasmanian's call it!). He works as a HR Business Partner for a renewable energy business. Trevor has only recently rediscovered free-time after completing his Bachelor of Business which he studied full time while working. Trevor is passionate about his family and friends, fitness, weekend hikes with Scott and travelling as much as he can to experience as many cultures as possible.This year Trevor achieved 10 years with his employer and has been using up his long service leave on some amazing holidays.

    About Scott
    Scott is 32 years old and works in IT as a Software Engineer Team Lead. Born and raised in Victoria, Scott is uncle to eight adorable niblings (nieces and nephews) and is god father to two. Scott is passionate about the development of others and organises local conferences, meetup groups and other events including training to help young adults on the spectrum to find employment in IT. Scott’s passion for sharing has led to him publishing academic papers, guest lecturing at universities and speaking at international conferences in America. Aside from this, Scott is an avid cyclist and enjoys exercising his creativity in the kitchen.

    Our Fur-baby
    The third (and arguably the most important) member of our family is our beautiful cat named Isis. We adopted her from a rescue shelter when she was 5 years old and she quickly took charge of our house. She is a White / Tabby cross and provides us with a constant battle to clean up her hair. Her hobbies include sleeping on laps, shedding hair and scavenging for food whenever possible.

    Our story
    Our story started together seven years ago when we met just a few months before Scott was leaving on a six month holiday to Europe. After surviving six months of long distance within the first year of our relationship, we knew that this was serious and was made of the right stuff which would last for the long term. Our story took a massive leap forward in 2018 when we got engaged while on holiday in Japan and another step forward last year when we bought a home which would be perfect for starting a family.

    Starting a family has always been a dream of ours as we’ve watched our nieces and nephews grow up. Having found each other, reached our career goals, and bought our dream home we feel like we are at a healthy point to start our family.

    Thank you for reading our story <3

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    Good luck, guys!


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