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    Default It's been 6 years since logging in!!

    Oh wow have times changed, my ds is 11 next month, dd just turned 9 and my youngest DD is almost 8!!
    Good luck to all the parents struggling, time passes so fast.
    I'm so glad 2 of my kids grew up without or very little 'electronics'.... But oh the struggle is real now.... Its all about fortnite, Minecraft, Roblox, PS4, Xbox, wifi, phones and tablets. I told the kids they will never learn their way around because they are always on a screen... " We have Google maps mum" was the reply .... Smh... My son is very tech savvy, he is teaching me now!! Don't be shy to ask for advice... ESP when it comes to technology.. I have quite a few hacks to keep them and your account safe if needed.
    Hope to hear from someone soon!! I have a case of cabin fever with school holidays close to an end. 😁

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    Hi mrsmaker and welcome back . I have to say I am impressed you remembered your log-in details after so long!
    It's a different world our kids are in, all very tech savvy and all very adept at working their way around new technology also, sigh of the times I guess.
    As you said, time flies you blink and they're all grown up.

    I hope you enjoy your time back here again and the school holidays are being kind to you as you near the end!

    Welcome back.


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