Thought I would be the first to post in this section.

I have always been a tampon user. Pads often irritated me, I needed to change more often & just were not my thing (unless I had irritation and inserting a tampon irritated it).

Then when becoming more sustainable and purchased a couple of menstrual cups, thought I best have a back up incase the cups are not for me.

So I purchased a bunch of bamboo pads. Lone and behold - officially converted!

They absorbed SO MUCH! I only changed twice per day even on the heavy days and that was because after each shower I cannot bear to wear a used one again. Most of the time I never saw anything on the surface to even know if it needed changing, then when rinsing it out before putting it into a wet bag with the other used ones to all go into a load, I realised yep there was a lot of blood there.

Super soft, thick and comfy hand on my heart, if I as a non pad wearer can switch to cloth pads anyone can.