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    Default Help Please!

    Ok I feel terrible for posting this.. please don't judge.
    I did a HPT yesterday midday after a slight bit of spotting on Sunday. It was positive. I know what a miracle this is considering my first was IVF, second was a surprise and I have not used contraception for the past 8 years and I'm in my late 30s. So yes I get all of that. Ultrasound today showed nothing so my guess at 4 weeks was obvious.
    My dilemma is this... I think I ovulated on Wednesday. I DTD on Sat and Thursday. So yes my issue is they were with two different men. My cycle is usually 36-37 days. I also have PCOS. I know nothing can tell who the father is. My HPT showed up within 10 seconds on Monday which I am assuming was 12 DPO.
    I'm just after others experience with when they think they conceived in relation to Ovulation.
    When did you have an implantation bleed?
    If it was the Thursday DTD would Monday be too early to get a pretty instant positive? With my second the test was SOOOOOOO light at around the same time and took a long time to show up.
    Obviously the right thing is to tell both.. but I feel I want to be say it was Saturday and perhaps I ovulated early?
    Sorry for the rant.
    As I said before I am well aware of the heartache that TTC can cause - I was there for years. Despite my predicament I hope this story also gives some hope. I seriously thought I couldn't have anymore children.

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    Hi there, I don’t have much advice but more just wanted to be supportive.

    The thing is about ovulation and intercourse is it doesn’t really matter when you DTD so much as when the sperm met the egg. So the sperm from the first time might have just hung out for a few days waiting for the egg, or the second time may have found the egg straight away.

    Dr google says you can do a paternity test from 10 weeks. Could you wait for week 9 to tell them and then ask if you can get a DNA test? That way they don’t need to stress out for the next 6 weeks wondering if they have a child.

    Just an idea, obviously you need to do what feels right for you.

    Good luck, I can only imagine how hard this is for you.


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