Hi all,
Thought I would start a new thread to see who is currently having a FET cycle for jan/feb as I’ve just booked on for one.
I have long cycles so I’m currently on clomid (finished today) then off for blood tests tomorrow morning, hopefully I’m ready to ovulate and they decide to do a scan Wednesday.

We have been doing IVF for over 10 years (on and off) and we initially had 33 eggs!!
We have 1 beautiful son (4 years old) and only 3 eggs remain some lost during PGD screening and thawing and others BFN or last time (jan 2019) I had a chemical pregnancy - which was HARD!

we’ve decided to have 2 x embryos transferred this time round to hopefully give us a better chance!

Would love to hear from you all and hopefully end up with all beautiful 2020 babies 🥰❤️