I'm 11 weeks, and have been nauseous since roughly the beginning of week 6...feels like forever as its never ending. I'm pretty much stuck in bed, or on the couch not functional and its getting to me. I feel lucky I am on my school holidays (I'm a teacher) I'd be missing A LOT of work otherwise, though...this is not how I wanted to spend my summer break....cant get myself to the beach, car rides are a sure fire way to make me vom.

I don't vomit often but always feel like i am going too and have tried every remedy under the sun.

Ginger lollys
Ginger beer...ginger anything..
Travel bands
Zofran (doesn't work)
Doxylamine (doesn't work)
eat small meals
bland foods
Ice Blocks (Lemon)
Lemon water
smelling lemons
...the list goes on.

I'm wondering is there something I haven't tried? Should I go back to my GP? My OB said keep taking the Doxy in the AM and Zofran at night...but I feel like I'm taking meds for no reason as they just barely take the edge off...I'm still not functioning...and not sure how much more of this I can take..

I also take Lexapo (prone to depression)...which I am finding when I take it, I get worse...and vomit....similar with my vitamins...

any help or advice much appreciated, even someone to commiserate with...this is my first pregnancy on my 5th IVF try....would so very much like to be enjoying this pregnancy...