It’s a deeply personal decision and luckily you have time to think about it! I would say it’s always important to look at how you ended up with a CS - was the induction absolutely necessary? If this baby also ends up in an unfavourable position there are things that you can try (look up spinning babies and rebozo).

I’d suggest joining the VBAC Australia Support Group on Facebook - there’s some fantastic information on there. And consider hiring a doula. The risk of uterine rupture really is so tiny - in fact I’ve heard it carries the same risk as a first time mother having syntocin.

I will say that as a doula I recently worked with a woman attempting a vba2c, and even though she ultimately ended up with another c section she was so at peace with her birth and didn’t regret trying at all.

Good luck with your decision - remember it’s your birth only you can know what’s right for you! xx