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    My partner and I recently decided to start trying for a baby. I had been on the pill for 5years. Period started on the 18th December, sex on the 27th and ovulated on the 31st. I know it's ridiculously early but ever since ovulation I have been feeling off and on faint, nauseous, pain in lower back and discomfort in lower abdomen. Previously to being on the pill my period was like clockwork and I never had any PMS symptoms. Anyone have any thoughts? This two week wait is already driving me insane! 😄

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    It would be unlikely to be pregnancy just yet...not impossible, but unlikely....

    Generally conception occurs around ovulation (egg is only viable a short time), but implantation takes longer, sometimes up to 9 days with the average being around the 5ish mark.
    Your body has no chance what so ever of knowing you're pregnant until implantation happens... as the pregnancy hormone is not present until the egg/embryo/blastocyst etc (whatever you wish to call the fertalised growing egg) implants.

    from there it usually takes a while to feel symptoms, although some women feel them earlier than others, and some women none at all!

    Most times pregnancy symptoms really kick in around the 6,7, 8 week mark. Women do experience them earlier.. but generally speaking.

    That said, my most recent pregnancy I wasn't tracking, and woke up at 2am with epic nausea and just knew. Sure enough at 7am when I tested, there was a faint second line (very early pregnancy/only a few days after implantation had occured) i think i worked myself out to be about cycle day 24 / 9 after ovulation
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