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    Default Help please

    I’m currently 6weeks and 4 days. On Friday I had some bleeding which seemed a lot but didn’t last long. There was a tiny clot in it. My husband made me go to the hospital just in case.
    They did my bloods and they were 17000.
    I also had an abdominal ultrasound to make sure it wasn’t eptopic. They found a sac but couldn’t see the baby.
    They said it was probably too early and they would need to do an internal one in clinic this week.
    Has anyone had anything similar? Especially only a sac visible but go on to have a healthy baby.
    I’ll add the bleeding stopped as fast as it came.

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    Something similar with my first and third babies.
    I had more bleeding with my first but I had to wait until I was 9 wks to have an ultrasound. This was almost 22 years ago and things a bit different.

    But with my 3rd I had a bleed, not heavy but bright red and some cramps. I went for a scan and was only 5wks 4d. There was only a sac nothing else. It stopped quickly like yours.
    Two weeks later I had another scan and my daughter was found with a good heartbeat.
    Both were written up as hematomas around the sac possibly from implantation. Both resolved but my first babies took much longer. I had light bleeding on and off until 16 weeks.

    Both pregnancies were normal otherwise.
    Best of luck xx


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