Hello... I need help making a decision!

Quick history:
- trying for 3 years, I have severe endometriosis & adenomyosis. Surgery in 2014 and 2018
- IVF Jan 2019 (in canada), pregnant but miscarried (trisomy). 2 frozen transfers after failed.
- currently on lupron (3mth), consulted with 3 fertility docs and all agree that surgery is not a good idea right now (hence lupron).
- no private health, but I have medicare (husband does not as he is a temp resident).

I am looking at either Dr Nick Lolatgis or Dr Lynn Burmeister. From what I have read, a lot of people who haven't had luck, go to Dr Nick and have success. Others say Dr Lynn is the one to see. I have read that Dr Nick does a lot more testing than Dr Lynn, and a cycle at Monash is at least $3000 more expensive than Number 1. I wanted to meet with both and decide but both of their initial fees are $400 and I can't justify spending $800 to decide on a doctor.

- What are some of the typical "additional" medications they typically put you on (e.g. prednisone, clexane)?
- What tests / things do they investigate (that other FS don't)?

I wonder how they compare to Dr Rabia Shaikh at Westmead in Sydney, as I met with her and she had a pretty aggressive protocol for my last FET (though my FS in Canada rejected Dr Rabia's suggestions). Note: I am now living in Melb that's why I am asking about the other two FS, but willing to travel to Sydney if Dr Rabia is comparable...