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I can join. I’m not due until August tho
I’ve not had a dating scan yet so just taking a day a time. This was my third FET for #2 but the first two were chemical pregnancies so I get the fear.

I had a bit of an epiphany tho last night in that i can’t spend 9mths worrying myself sick with a 4yr old at home ( my first DD ) as it’s not fair on her that I’m so mentally absent. So I’ve just resigned myself to what will be will be. Its really odd but all the stress has just gone now I’ve accepted the process.

Btw. I think they mostly bundle IVF and non IVF in all the due in groups on here.
Thanks for hopping in dear, sorry to hear about your struggles. Let's hope indeed that 2020 will be kind to all of us.

I'm glad you were able to achieve that sense of peace - nothing like our little one to motivate us. I don't have a kid yet but I imagine our motherly instincts can be powerful when most needed.

Like Elda, I find it hard not to worry.

By the way, may I share that we found out that we're having a boy?