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    Default Christmas treats.

    Xmas toffees - I use the silicone Xmas ice cube trays from I think Kmart or woolies , I make red and green toffees and have them in a big glass jar on my dining table (mini Xmas tree and Santa shapes) and put in little jars as gifts

    Xmas tree brownies - we leave these for Santa , literally just use a Xmas tree cookie cutter to cut shapes out of the brownie , put a candy cane stick at the bottom , white icing as tinsel and smarties or m and ms as baubles

    Clinker rocky road - make in a bunt tin so it looks like a wreath , drizzle with white chocolate and use Jaffa’s and mint leave lollies to decorate

    Passionfruit or lemon cordial - I always make this in December for the kids (and to add alcohol to use as Xmas cocktails for us!)

    Mango pudding - not necessarily for Xmas but it’s always a summer dessert I make (and I will do them this years for Xmas dinner desserts)

    Pavlova wreath - usually requested holiday time dessert , I do with cherries and raspberry coulis usually but will do mango cream , white chocolate and fresh mango this year (I did just see a recipe for a long pavlova plank - literally a metre long! Would look great as a table centrepiece for dessert so am contemplating that too!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by babyno1onboard View Post
    I think these are what I was thinking of
    Yes! These! I love them!


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