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    Quote Originally Posted by Shoopuf View Post
    I still think my DD is cute.
    Sorry didn’t mean to offend anyone, it’s just my opinion I’m sure your DD is super cute. I personally dislike seeing a toddler with a dummy in their mouth 24/7. I’ve seen what it can do to teeth and speech long term. Thankfully both my DD’s have never really taken to them so it’s not been an issue for us.

    Sorry to derail the thread op.

    Op, how old is your LO? I’ve read that as long as you get rid of it before sleep cycles kick in you’re normally ok. Usually around 8 weeks for day sleep cycles and 16 weeks for night cycles..... that obviously only applies if you’re using it as a sleep aid not in between naps. Our paed also said not to use it constantly in between naps so they start to develop babbling ect.
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