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    Default My first! And I fear my only so time for a diary!

    Well... here we all are. We’ve made the decision to lend our bodies to human incubation in order to create one perfect little parcel we will call our child... I ever thought I’d be days away from 37 before I’d started TTC but then when does anything go to our 16 year old self’s plan? I mean, I was supposed to be married with 3 beautiful, intelligent and compassionate children by the age of 28 but instead I was huddled up in the bathroom of some club regretting those extra tequila shots.

    Fast forward 7 years and I’ve met my soul mate. The man who could love me even when I was a massive pain in the butt.

    And I can tell you I was (and maybe still am) a massive pain in the rectal area at times.

    He had already been married, had a son and then, of course, divorced. His ex-wife is high conflict to say the least with her constant abuse to me and that crazy story may infiltrate my diary at times so heads up for the drama.

    We made the decision around May that we wanted to have a baby. Of course, once that decision is made, the timeline decisions follow. We decided that we would begin trying in November (with a sneaky BD done during my O this month for luck ).

    So that’s where I’m at. CD 20 which, for me with a shorter cycle these days, is 10 days post O. I’ve decided that I will wait for AF until the 16th of November (that will be a 28 day cycle) before I test... I have an achy pelvis but that’s about it... No other pregnancy symptoms so I’m not holding hope for this month but stranger things have happened!

    Fingers crossed and good luck to all who are currently TTC at the moment too. ❤️

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