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    Default To our dear baby that we never got to hold, on the day we were due to meet you,

    We never did get to meet properly, did we? And yet, we were together for every moment of your life.
    The moment your mum and I saw those two lines, we could see our future together. We were discussing names, and we could see how you would complete our little family.
    The day we first saw you on the ultrasound screen, the doctor said you were a little small, but as we were very early to scan, we should wait another week. A week passed and sure enough, right there in front of us, your little heart was beating. Strong and healthy. Your mum squeezed my hand tight, as tears rolled down my face.
    But just as we were preparing to share the news of your existence with our family and friends, you left us quickly and quietly, without making an impression on the world.
    The moment the doctor told me your heart had stopped, I felt mine break into a million pieces.
    But you should know that you were loved. I like to think that you know that already.
    I try not to blame myself for you not sticking around, but it’s hard. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of you, and ask myself, “what if?”
    You will always be in our thoughts and our hearts.
    As the months have passed, and we’ve lost more little ones, we’ve learnt to protect our hearts by saying, “it wasn’t meant to be”, but deep down we wanted you to be, so much more that our words could ever say.
    Know that I would have done anything asked of me to be able to hold you in my arms today.
    We will never forget you, our child that we never had, that will be with us forever.
    Love forever and always,
    Mummy and Mum xo

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