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    Quote Originally Posted by Aussiesofftogreece View Post
    Thanks for your reply.
    Do you do the injections yourself? How do you make it not hurt afterwards?
    It’s been 12 hours and it’s the most painful after - injection I’ve ever had... (and I’ve had my fair share)!
    I’m on 6 pessories per day too. (1200)
    No I’m terrible with needles, my poor husband has jabbed me for all 14 cycles I have no idea how you could physically do it yourself with the pio anyway since it goes into the bum? Would be very awkward positioning!
    I find after a few weeks it’s not as sensitive. I had such different reactions for each pio injection, sometimes it was itchy, sometimes sore, sometimes it bruised, sometimes it didn’t 🤷🏼‍♀️ It always bled after so I used bandaids to save my undies! I was taking it every day and would alternate sides. We’d also try and find a spot that wasn’t bruised or lumpy. I’ve been off it for 3 or 4 weeks and still have lumps under the skin and a bit of itchiness

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