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    Default Seeking for egg donor in NZ & Australia

    Hi, there

    We have been seeking an egg donor. We live in New Zealand but I am happy to travel to a donor in different places in NZ and Australia.

    We are happy to cover airfares / accommodation, as well as other transportation fees if that suits them. 

    A little bit about me and my family... My partner is kiwi, I am Japanese. I came to NZ 16 years ago. I love NZ! I am passionate about life and thoroughly enjoy my work as a psychotherapist.

    I also love music - I played the piano and drums when I was young, and currently enjoy playing the French horn in a concert band.

    My partner and I have been together since 2003. We are a solid, loving, funny couple. We are healthy and fit. We both travelled a lot and lived overseas for a number of years close to for 20 years. We love adventure not only in a travelling sense but also in life.

    Life throws various challenges at us, and we have always supported each other. Our love has grown deeper and stronger over the years. I feel this fertility challenge is really painful, and at the same time we have grown so much together. I recently had a failed cycle. It hit me really hard. But we trust the unfolding process of life.

    We decided to go for an egg donation because of my low AMH. I am 47. Although this was an emotionally difficult decision, I am coming to realise that a future child will feel special and wanted precisely because of this decision: a child will be a result of our heartfelt desire that we want to do everything possible to have him/her, and of a kind heart of donor.

    We want to be honest and open with our child about their conception. We want to tell our child at an early age how they were conceived so that they are more than comfortable and confident in their identity. 

    We would be happy if the donor is willing to maintain an ongoing relationship with us, (e.g. being kept updated about the child's life). We are happy to remain as flexible as possible if a donor wants limited involvement following the donation. We totally respect that, too.

    A heartfelt connection and genuine respect is what matters to us most. We are open to different ethnicity and cultural background. We would like to hear from kind-hearted individuals.

    Please feel free to contact me by messaging me here or email me to kimsunsea5@gmail.com

    I truly appreciate caring women like you who consider egg donation. So many people's lives have changed because of your empathy and generosity.

    Kind regards
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