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    Default Dropping nap time

    My little boy is almost 23 months. He’s always been very difficult to get to sleep. Once he’s asleep he mostly sleeps well. He wakes up for a prolonged period in the night maybe a couple of times a month.

    At the moment he is resisting his nap, I try for over an hour, just flat out refuses. On days he does not nap, he goes to sleep quickly at night and will sleep for around 12 hours. If he has napped, he’ll only sleep at night for 9-10.5 hours. His naps can be 1-3 hours long when he has them. Getting him to sleep at night can take 1-2 hours.

    Either way he gets around 12 hours in 24. Is it worth trying dropping the nap and seeing how he goes with a solid 12ish hours rather than spending hours every day trying to get him to sleep. We have a 5 week old now and we can’t even get to bed at a sensible hour because our toddler is up til anywhere between 10 and 12 every night.

    Just feels quite young to drop it.
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    My two eldest both dropped their nap at around 2, there was no fighting it. You'll probably find he will go back and forth for a while ie no nap for two or three days, then a nap etc.

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    My eldest dropped her nap just before she was 2. I thought my now 22 month old might have lasted longer as she still seemed to need it. That was until a month ago when she wouldn't go down at 12pm like she use to. I thought I had solved the problem by knocking her sleep back an hour and putting her down at 1pm. It was working well although I had to wake her to fit in with school pick up gor my eldest. However she has started to refuse her nap on some days, she didnt sleep today, but I was lucky she was happy chatting away to herself in the cot so had some quiet time. She has been fine all afternoon and I just put her down early tonight.
    I say go with how things roll on the day until it gets to the point when he is having more days without a nap than with. you just have to do what eorks best for you.

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