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    Default So confused, has something similar happened to you?

    So my periods are really regular, every 27-30 days. 13 days ago I should have gotten my period, but I didn’t and I am NEVER this late!. Around ovulation hubby and I had sex and I felt ovulation pain. Around the time I was due I had some spotting and cramping that went within a day or two. At the end of last week I had some spotting and then it went. Today I woke and I have some bleeding, although it doesn’t seem to be as heavy as usual. I have had several pregnancy symptoms (nausea, exhaustion, lower back pain, sensitive boobs, etc). I also took a couple of pregnancy tests that came back negative (although when I first fell pregnant 12 years ago, I didn’t really get a proper positive until I had a blood test and ultrasound). Any thoughts or experiences would be greatly appreciated!

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    I've had similar happen - about 2 years and when I definitely didn't want a baby I had a 'one day period' that was just light spotting - it turned out it was just one of those things. When I think back, I had started on a fitness program where I went from zero physical activity to going to the gym several times a week so it may have been that (I know exertion can mess with cycles, as can stress but sometimes it's nothing you can really pinpoint.

    Obviously you can't rule out pregnancy - if it's very early days, there might not be enough HCG to show up in a home test (there is one test that's very sensitive so you can try that maybe?) but nausea doesn't usually kick in until weeks 6-8, though that's not necessarily a rule.


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