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    Default Wasnt to sure where to post but here goes...

    Hi ladies, I am about to start an IVF (tandem cycle) overseas in Cyprus and was wondering if anyone else was considering or had had treatment in Cyprus - reason being I am due to commence treatment (menopur) a week before I arrive in Cyprus, however my GP cannot prescribe it here in Australia and FS here are not keen because I am having treatment overseas!!! Eek I am getting rather concerned and wondered if anyone had any advice or experiences to share. Thank you in advance

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    If you have enough time, get the clinic to send a script to an overseas pharmacy and then they can post it to you, that would be an option especially if your fs isnโ€™t being helpful. Only buy enough to get you to north Cyprus though, then you can just go into any pharmacy there and ask the chemist for whatever you need, you donโ€™t need scripts or anything and itโ€™s really cheap.


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