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    My 8 year old is very similar atm but he has ADD. When medicated he finds it much easier.
    My daughter went through this phase around the same age, also has ADD.
    Now she’s older she doesn’t get as upset about it.
    Not saying your child has just that some brains are wired differently as others have said and they find it overwhelming, boring and stressful.

    Funnily both of my kids I mentioned like maths and pick it up really easily.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CazHazKidz View Post
    Thank you so much for your response, you've basically described my son EXACTLY, and my thoughts on it are that he just simply doesn't like it, and is stubborn about actually "trying" because he doesn't want to and doesn't like it, so it's not the actual work that stresses him out and makes him emotional, but the fact that he doesn't want to do it but is being made to anyway.
    Sounds like we have the same son. I do think I should possibly consider the psych route. He does have it in his head that there must be something wrong with him or that he is stupid, even though I constantly tell him just how smart he is (because he really is!).
    Thank you
    You can get a mental heath plan from your GP to see a child psychologist which will subsidise some costs associated with the appointment.
    The psychologist we where seeing did all sorts of other tests as well so if they are concerned they should guide you in the right direction.
    As a side note I really hated maths as a child and I was so unbelievably bad at it. The tantrums I would throw. I would literally cry and cry to me it was like torture just horrible to this day I feel sick when my kids bring home maths homework ..lol.

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    Thank you everyone for your advice
    I was panicking about this last week, because his teacher had put it in my head that he has some sort of "problem" that needed fixing and I felt like I had to do something or I'm a crap mum.
    The more time I've had time to think on it and discuss it with him the calmer I've become, I'm fairly certain that it is simply that he really really hates doing written assessments and that he gets upset when he is forced to do something he doesnt like doing rather than that he has some sort of learning difficulty.
    I appreciate all of your comments, it's helped me sort through how I was feeling about it all. Definitely will look into the mental health care plan at the GP if he continues to get so upset about having to try when it comes to written assessment.
    Thanks again!


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