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    Default 7pm bed time

    Our kids NEVER go to bed at 7pm. We’re a blended family with a 7yo, 2x12 yo and 16yo (the 18yo lives with DP’s ex as he’s at uni in Melbourne). With kids sports, varying numbers of kids throughout the fortnight there isn’t really a set routine in our household. You could say we’re teaching our kids extreme flexibility, adaptability and the ability to go with the flow. Lol

    We generally have dinner anywhere between 6pm and 8:30 depending on what’s happening.

    DD is a real night owl like me. No matter how tired she was waking up that morning, she comes alive at night and busily plays, draws, reads, makes things (not often on her iPad in the evening). Even if I try to put her to bed early she lays there chatting to herself. She falls asleep quickly if she’s had a big day, but doesn’t really ‘flake out’ like you’d expect. She just seems to have boundless energy! She’s so like me.

    Edit: DP and I get our time together every second weekend. Our kids are with our exes so we have no kids every fortnight from Friday to Sunday night. And in the school holidays we get about 6-7 nights without any kids (so about half every school holidays. Plenty of time to catch up! )
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    My two oldest are 5 and 2, I try to have them in bed by 6.30 or as close to that as I can. No later than 7pm. DS3 is 3 months old and he goes to bed at the same time. This is recent though as up until he was around 8-9 weeks he would just be in the lounge with us and go to bed when we did.

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    Lately the boy goes to bed between 9.30 and 10, he's fairly energetic until around 9, when he starts to fade, normally one night a week hes up till 10.
    He normally won't be up till around 8am, if I have to work early either one of my friends comes round to look after him or one of my parents, until school years arrive I'm happy with his sleep schedule.
    Ex has tried putting him to bed at 7, which just does not work.


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