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    Default what things have you accepted your partner will never change

    it occurred to me tonight, as i moved dh’s jacket off the bannister of the stairs where he left it, that he’s probably likely never to put clothes away at the time he takes them off where they actually belong. he always takes something off and puts it down “temporarily”, meaning it’ll sit there until he’s ready to put it away properly or i get annoyed and put it away first (which is what happens 100% of the time). i’ve asked him to put things away right away instead of using the house as a temporary walk-in closet, but he always either makes up an excuse as to why it was impracticable this time, or tells me he was going to get to it. eventually. when’s that? next year?

    does my head in! it occurred to me tonight he might be like this forever.

    interested to hear what things your partner does that annoy you but that you’ve accepted are part of their dna and likely never to change.

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