No photos but I asked to view mine. It was probably the second question I asked... after finding out if baby was a girl or boy! Too many birth podcast stories of retained placentas, I wanted to make sure it was all out and in tact! Haha! I got to see if twice as I remarked to the shift change nurse that I hadnโ€™t got a good look at it and apparently they keep them for a week in case they need to do any testing, so she went and retrieved it for us! It was amazing, she showed me the sack that our son was in, described the shape, pointed out a partial lobe etc. I was worried it was about to conk itself as we had seen calcification spots on the scans but it was in better shape then we thought considering itโ€™s size and my age. Itโ€™s incredible that we can grow an organ to bring a new life into the world. I wish now I took a photo but never considered it.