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    Quote Originally Posted by turquoisecoast View Post
    fwiw we used a foam single mattress next to ds’ cot so we could lay down and try and get a bit of sleep on nights where we had work the next day. helped him sleep a bit better and we felt more rested too.
    We did this too, using a 4wd camping mattress

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    Just to add my two coins. We switched our kiddos when they started trying to climb out of the crib. I did it with their safety in mind - with rails and pillows near the bed (safety first!). Also, just a small update from my sis, as she added that these beds with extra mattress/storage place works perfectly.
    My DD was the worst climber so it was a necessary adjustment for her - she started off with a twin bed when she was 2 (we set up a bed with the wall on one side and a guard rail on the other. From the first night she loved it, so we have kept her there ever since).
    But my mother bought her a toddler (IKEA) bed for when she slept over. So I borrowed it when DS started climbing out of his crib. I'm kinda sad that we haven't made the big transition earlier - he was so thrilled with his new twin bed and the "growed up" pillows (child proofed, we checked) and liked it better than a toddler one. Also he slept much calmer in a bigger bed than his older sister.

    But lesson learned, and for our future baby I'm going to skip the "toddler/single bed" stage at all. Go with a bigger bed, you'll have it forever and either way you will use it - so let the kid stretch out.

    - Cathe and Derek
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    If her room is larger, I'd go to a double. It's convenient and easy for sleep overs, easier for you to nap next to her when needed etc. It's also practical if you think she's going to be a taller kid (I was 5'8 by 11).


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