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    Default Cycles following birth

    Just wondering how long it took everyone’s cycles to go back to normal after birth? With my others it’s gone straight back to regular 28-30 day cycles from about 6 weeks pp. Ds is 14 weeks now (had af back since around 6-8 weeks pp) and all over the shop, shortest cycle has been 14 days, longest 26 days. Totally normal, yeah?

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    I think as we mature let’s say, hormones take a little longer to work themselves out.
    I’m just thinking of one of my friends who always had her cycles return like clockwork after her babies even bf but by time she was in her mid to later 30s things were different.

    As long as your actual periods seem normal I don’t think I would worry.
    Maybe about the 6 month mark things will be all sorted.

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