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    Quote Originally Posted by Janesmum123 View Post
    One of my closest friends is in her 30s and never wants kids. Honestly I look at her life and envy it she has no responsibility, is always travelling, has an amazing job. I don’t regret my kids but I regret the decisions I made in life. If I was smarter I would have made better choices in life so when I did have kids life would have been easier. I started being a parent 16 years ago, I’m tired and I’ve lost myself.
    I think losing yourself is a big part of parenting. Well being a mother anyway and I certainly felt a loss of identity. But I also feel that as my kids get older I get more of myself back. I also feel like I really lived my life before having kids. I got my degree, lived in the outback then moved to London and lived and worked there for 4 years.

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    I'm not sure I describe it as loosing myself, but a change of identity.

    I can't say I feel like I have lost myself but my life is totally different to how it would be if I never became a parent.
    But it's a 'what if' issue, and I learnt a while ago those aren't good for your mental health.

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