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    Default Gender sway for a girl

    I would have been happy with a healthy baby either way as I already have a DS and we will only want two babies due to my age and having no family around to help. I always wanted a little girl, and even looked into gender selection with IVF when I found out we were having a boy, but I though it was too much intervention and that I should be happy with a healthy baby.
    I love my little buddy and I would not have it any other way.

    For my second pregnancy, browsing the internet I did some reading over natural ways to sway for gender with timing and diet. I thought well at least I can do it for fun and if it does not work I will know I tried!

    I decided to follow three recomendations

    1.- track my period and practice the Settles method stopping 4 days before ovulation, then 3 and finally 2 in the third cycle attempt. I would have keept getting closer to olvulation if I did not get pregnant as age is not on my side !

    2.- I switched lubricant to Sylk as it fosters an acidic environment and it is supposed to sway for girls

    3.- Hubby stopped drinking alcohol to improve sperm quality. Sperms needs to survive a few days.

    I did not change anything in my diet since I figured it all depends on dad anyways

    Took us 3 cycles to get pregnant. And I was really expecting to have a boy. Got the results of my NIPT test a couple of days ago and suprise!!!! It is a girl!

    They sway might have helped or not, but it made me feel like I did something to try for my little girl without tempting faith and nature.

    Thought I would put it out here and start a thread on what worked and what did not ?

    Baby dust to you all !

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    I loved reading your post! I was thinking of attempting to gender sway for a girl this year then accidentally fell pregnant a couple of months early and I’m now pregnant with my second boy. I teach all boys so I think I’m just destined to be around boys every day!

    Congratulations to you

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    Congratulations! I swayed for a girl for my third baby due Oct - it's still a surprise but I'm 100% sure it's a boy based on nub and a few other things. I looked on the Ingender website which stated that timing is the least important factor... we did try the timing but I had a chemical pregnancy and decided I'd just BD throughout ovulation for our second month. Now I'm sort of wishing we tried harder with the timing because I also did all these other things:

    1. Lost weight (approx 4kg over a few months)
    2. Did cardio instead of weights
    3. Tried to minimise protein, fat, bananas and a few other things..though I wasn't very strict on this as I didn't want to be too extreme. I ate lots of lollies haha, and I still drank coffee though they don't recommend that
    4. Monitored the pH of my cervical mucous and used AciJel to keep it low (around 4-5 I think from memory) - this was probably the most extreme thing I did
    5. DH had a fever, which lowers sperm count apparently (which is proven to sway girl)
    6. We DTD twice in two days (frequent release to lower sperm count) though there are people who get their hubby to release on his own and then do frequent BD, and people who do abstinence instead (every 2nd day sways boy apparently)
    7. The chemical pregnancy should have swayed girl because apparently any type of loss sways girl the next month
    8. DH is 35 now whereas he was early 30s with our boys (the older the man the more chance of making a girl)

    ETA - I also took an antihistamine to dry up CM and I just remembered I took calcium and magnesium supplements too... what a psycho haha

    I felt like I did quite a lot to help sway girl and it didn't work so I'm a bit skeptical of the whole thing, but if you look at the Ingender website (and there's another one called Gender Dreaming) quite a lot of people do get the gender they sway for (around 70% I think). I should also mention DH family is heavily male-dominated with 7 boys and only 1 girl in the newest generation, and even in his extended family it's 85% boys. So the odds were against me haha.

    Although I was at first a bit bummed I have really embraced the idea of 3 boys and worked through a lot of my gender disappointment, I can't wait to meet my newest bub either way
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