Hi ladies, I’m hoping for some assurances from your experiences. I miscarried my first donor egg in Feb this year at 10 weeks, with some spotting prior.

I’m currently 9w2d pregnant with a donor egg. I had a few scans to date but only one internal at my viability scan. HCG was pretty solid before the scans but haven’t been measuring since. I’m not spotting much but am loaded with Crinone progesterone. When I wipe, I have been seeing bits of brown specks amongst the white progesterone in the last few days. I’m inevitably anxious about how things are going... 😔

My obstetrician can only scan me from the belly and as it’s early stage, the measurements aren’t accurate like internal scans. So here goes...

7w0d - internal scan - 133 bpm measure 6w5d - consistent in range for IVF procedures

8w2d - belly scan - 160-170 bpm measure 8w
9w2d - belly scan - 160-17 bpm measure 8w4d

Ob says it’s within measurements. He assured me there’s good heartbeat and the fetus is moving. I told him I’m not sure I saw it move. I passed a full amniotic sac so I have seen the baby float inside. Not so convinced about the movement he saw and pointed out to me. He will scan me again on Friday.

Did your IVF baby measure behind? Do fetus really love at this stage - not just floating moving but limbs move?