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    Default Travelling with books

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone might have any suggestions.

    I have an 18-month-old who loves being read to which means that I end up lugging lots of books around with me when we travel.

    I got really fed up with carrying multiple heavy books around with me—books for 18-month-olds are not light! Now I take photos of the books with my iPad and just bring that. This is ok, but looking at the photos on the iPad, it’s easy for my daughter to touch the screen and exit the photo view. I would really like to find a better solution.

    Does anyone else have this problem too and if you have, do you have a better solution?

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    I found this site today, bookywoo.com on their homepage you get a chance to spin a wheel for a discount (I scored 20% off). They make busy books, their main one is 10 pages and very awesome! Perfect for travel!!!

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    My advice depends on if she likes being read stories, looking at pictures or interacting with books.

    Before about 3 my kids liked interacting with books but didn't really like to sit and be read to as much. We travelled around the world when DD was around 1 and had in the suitcase one lift-the-flap alphabet board book, one touch and feel (lots of textured things inset) numbers board book and a soft cover story book from her favourite TV show. The board books weren't as chunky as some can be, so they had more pages.

    We'd also routinely travel interstate and once she got a bit older I found those sets of mini board books really handy, BigW would always have them.

    If she likes to hear stories being read, you tube has a lot videos of books being read. Sunshine online is a website I know of through work but they tend to be more 'readers' type books. ABC kids may also have videos of books being read on Play School. DS liked being read to out of DH's sports biographies, no pictures, he just liked to hear the words.

    If she likes to look at/touch the pictures while listening to stories, I'd stick to soft cover picture story books. Scholastic often put out sets of smaller (approx 10cm) versions of popular books, especially Australian authors in soft cover. You could also buy magazines with great pictures (gardening, cars, etc) and read articles out of those. That way you can get new ones regularly.

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    I would just take a small selection (3-4) smallish books and rotate them every day. Our 2yo has heaps of books and I just take the smaller lighter ones out with us and keep the big ones for home.


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