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Thank you. How did you make your decision?
i’d suggest going for the initial visit and see what vibe you get. if you feel this is someone you can work with for the next few months, then i think it’s a good fit.

sue was recommended to me by someone in my mother’s group. prior to that i had no idea who to choose and we went public with my ds so had no ob to go back to.

for me, it was important to have a female doctor managing my pregnancy not because i didn’t want a male doctor seeing my parts (because sue didn’t see my vagina until she gave me a pap smear 7 weeks after dd was born) but because i didn’t want a male doctor potentially making “male” comments and me getting upset and offended. i felt with a female doctor, any comments are made as a female and not subject to mansplaining. with ds, i had a male gp make a bit of an offhand comment i found dismissive when i was showing signs of anxiety. i didn’t want to be paying someone thousands to be making stupid comments.