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    Default Egg donation in Athens

    Hi, I'm new to the forum and wanted to share my story so that our experience can give hope to those who have been TTC for a long time. After 9 unsuccessful attempts with IVF in Australia my husband and I were feeling really deflated and were wondering if our dream of having children would ever come true. I thought I'd done all the right things by having my eggs frozen at a younger age so that when I met Mr Right (I met Mr Right when I was 39 and am now 42) we had the best chance of having a child but having tried fresh and frozen cycles we always heard those words "I'm really sorry but you're not pregnant". No matter how many times we heard those words it never got easier. It would have been so easy to give up but something told us to keep going. After coming to terms with the fact that it looked like my egg quality just wouldn't produce good embryos I began to research egg donation overseas. It's a big step to take but surprisingly one we felt comfortable with. After doing some research in South Africa and Greece I contacted 3 different companies and the decision as to who to trust with trying to help us become parents was an easy one. We based our decision on how the detailed email I sent was handled. I didn't want to feel like a number anymore which was how I was beginning to feel with the IVF clinic in Sydney, I wanted to feel like a person. Two out of the three companies asked me to complete a questionnaire, return it to them and then they'd contact me. The third company, Embryoland in Athens, sent me an email the same day saying they could help me. I was contacted by the Director, Dr Kanakas and was advised I could call him at anytime. Amazing! Dr K was involved from the very first point of contact, we spoke frequently, he's very reassuring and although he's on the other side of the world I felt that I was in good hands. We started our journey (I hate that word but it's so appropriate because it really is a journey) in November 2018 and flew to Athens for our cycle in March 2019. We were nervous, yet excited about what lay ahead and we were hopeful that 2019 would be the year we became parents. Once we arrived in Athens we called Dr K and planned to meet with him the next morning, when we walked into the clinic we were greeted by his team who recognized us from the photos we had sent, they called us by our names, the clinic had a good vibe about it. Dr K came to see us in the Reception area and it was like meeting an old friend, those frequent phone calls meant we already knew each other, we weren't meeting a stranger which made the experience more relaxing when let's be honest it's not a relaxing experience at all. IVF in your own country is stressful enough and then you throw in being on the other side of the world in a foreign country...it takes it to the next level. We are given an update on our donor and all is going well with her (I can't begin to thank her, not that I can as all egg donation in Greece is anonymous but I would if I could) and all going well with me so the egg collection is scheduled for the next day. Our donor did great, she provided us with 8 great eggs, 4 of which fertalised normally. Now we just had to wait the 5 days to see how many were available to transfer on day 5. It's a nervous wait, but thankfully we went back to the clinic on the day of transfer to learn the 4 which had fertalised are all suitable for day 5 transfers. This meant that not only could we transfer 2 embryos this visit, it meant that we'd potentially have a genetic sibling if all went well. This was beyond what we thought would be possible. The transfer is done and now it's time for the 2 week wait. We had taken a month of work (if you can I'd seriously recommend that you do), we played tourist, relaxed and stayed stress-free, something which isn't possible at home when you have work, domestic duties and all the other life events to manage as well as not worry as to what is happening with embryo. I had the date noted in my diary as to when to come back for the pregnancy test and as always it was a day I always dreaded. Dr K wanted me to come back a few days earlier though to check on my progesterone levels to make sure they were all ok. I was expecting a call from him later that day to let me know all was good with them or whether I'd need to change a dose of medication what I wasn't expecting to him from him is that he thinks I am pregnant, it's early to be sure but he believes I am. I wasn't quite sure that I was hearing him right so I was back in the clinic the next morning for another test and again received a call from him that afternoon saying the HCG level is rising so it's looking good. Since we'd had so many unsuccessful attempts before I didn't want to get my hopes up so I tried to contain myself until the "official" pregnancy test. On the day of the official pregnancy test, I was confident as I felt pregnant this time, I was all-of-a-sudden extra protective of myself and my husband and I hadn't had any of the symptoms of loss like I had previously, but when you are so focused on the "symptoms" it's hard to know what's real and what's a consequence of the drugs I was taking. It was a nervous wait, but as Dr K approached us I knew he had good news. I couldn't help but hug him. We flew home the next day with the best gift possible and something we never thought could happen, we were coming home pregnant! I can't recommend Dr K and his team more highly. They were all so kind and welcoming and are genuinely wanting the best outcome, it felt that they were all on our team! We are now 19 weeks pregnant and still think of Dr K often, it's hard not too when I look at my baby bump and know that he helped us achieve our dream. He's still part of the journey in wanting updates as to how things are progressing which is lovely. Good luck to everyone on the journey to becoming parents, it's a tough one but right now I'm feeling incredibly lucky and blessed and can't wait to meet our little bundle of joy in November!

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    There are 20 threads on here in the Greece section with hundreds of us that have gone to Dr Nikos and everyone’s stories. Glad you got a great result.


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