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    Thank you so much everyone. You’re so right about losing my inner strength SuperGranny! I don’t feel like myself at all. I feel more understood now and not as if I’m being overly sensitive. A psychologist I saw said what my partner’s Mum has said to me is terrible. Especially when she started pressuring me after my third baby was only 5 months old. I think she just saw her son miserable and assumed it was my fault because I wasn’t giving him sex, selling my investments and putting $300,000 into his house (her words exactly) amongst lots of other blaming, putting me down comments. I could go on but all I’ll say is I know where my partner gets it from. Thanks again. I’ll be using the ideas you have all suggested.
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    i agree with mamamania
    t is very hard to ignore, but really that is all you can do. Usually criticism says more about the person criticising you than you. It usually comes from their own issues.

    however it can be hard

    i admire a friend of mine who has a very controlling mother in law and yet she allows her to visit weekly despite how abusive bossy controlling stressful she can be. i was very distressed re things her mother in law goes around saying ot people about my friend b ut my friend seems to be able to ignore it which is incredible. My friend has a supportive husband and they play several games with the inlaws, either humoring them, agreeing with anything they say to get out of the conversation
    ior trying to tell the inlaws off and trying to set boundaries to not hassle my friend or her husband.
    I still have memories of a terrorising mother in law it can be very stessful. Dr p hil shows are full of maother in laws that he tries to keep them involved if they will play nice.
    criticism is dmaging both for adults and children so i wonder if he is like that to the children also or if he will be . if they both will be your mother in law and hubby critical to your children as they grow.
    some people have a condition that makes them moody and critical eg i had an aaspergers friend who could be very emotionally abusive and it was somehow connected with his anxiety and aspergers though aspergers can vary.
    s ome peiople it comes for a good place so its good to hink about motive not manner.
    some people just like ot push buttons and dont reallay mean what they say so its good to recognise that and not allow it to affect you
    i wish you strength to live your life with grace and not be affected by damaging critical people.
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