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    Default Type 2 diabetic- reduced insulin needs

    Hi everyone

    I’m currently 32.2 weeks pregnant.
    Type 2 diabetic- insulin dependant.

    For the past 5 days my insulin needs have reduced by approx 30%, despite the entire pregnancy needing more and more insulin.

    I am being closely monitored for placenta problems as that’s what my Docs are saying it may be.

    Has anyone had or know of similar experiences?
    I may need to deliver very early... ie within the next week...

    Any input would be great!!

    Thanks )

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    A little different, but I have GD and have insulin overnight for fasting levels, as well as before dinner.
    My overnight (slow release) insulin went up every few days by 2-4 units from weeks 28. I got up to 18 units overnight to keep me under 5.1.
    Since roughly week 35 or 36, I've had falling insulin requirements. I'm back down to 4 units tonight, and would end up going lower except CS is scheduled for tomorrow. They did a CTG as part of my last appointment, and bubs movements etc were good. But they've certainly been keeping an eye on my levels.

    ETA- tomorrow's CS has been scheduled for a few months


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