Hi all,

So this is my second cycle since having mirena removed.
This month my period lasted 4 days with 1 day of spotting at the start (so 5 days).
From cycle day 10 - 13 I Had EWCM (day 12 was epic amounts).

So I’m still getting used to tracking my cycle but my question is - would that have been ovulation?

Yesterday and today I have felt quite tired and had minor twinges/ niggles on alternating sides of my uterus. At lunch time today I had decent cramps which were co start for about 1 hour right across the top of my pelvis (wear knickers sit) and now it’s gone.

So now I’m thinking that was ovulation pain but being that it is alternating sides confuses me.

So would u say that over the days I had EWCM was I fact ovulation?? Hubby and I BD most nights during that time.

So confused right now. Am I on my 2 week wait ????

Any suggestions of clarification would be much appreciated.