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    I never pulled the capsule out of the car for my first, but found it invaluable for my next two. If you're intending to have more than one baby, the initial cost of the capsule is more beneficial.

    Regardless of what you choose, I would not go straight from a capsule to a harnessed booster. Each step up in a seat (0-4, 12m-8y, dedicated booster) is a step down in safety, so even if forward facing, you're far better off keeping bub in a 0-4 seat for as long as possible. Car seats are also always getting better, so by the time your child outgrows the 0-4 seat, the next seat would undoubtedly be better than if you were to buy one right now.

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    I had a capsule for my first. It was great to move into/ out of car, especially in the rain as I could throw a bunny rug over it to protect him (for less than 2 mins)
    I used it for bub 2. It was great for kinder/ school drop offs...
    But... It was the biggest capsule on the market at the time (sns britax unity). They said you get 12 months... (or 12kgs. It was before height makers). I got 4-5 months both times, and to approx 8kgs from memory.
    The convenience was great though!
    Bub #3 is here now, and 5 weeks old... the capsule got mildew In storage so I threw it out.... he's in a 0-4 seat and I haven't missed the capsule too much.


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