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    Default Family Spending

    I am trying to set a realistic budget, I have my other category sorted as they are just bills so I know how much I need to budget for those categories. I am stumped on how much is reasonable for the following categories and how often you and your family would do these type of things, I never had opportunities or willing parents so I want the best for my child. The following amounts don’t need to include buying clothes, presents ect as they are budgeted for already.

    What would you use your splash cash on
    How often pull you go on a fqmioy outing that costs money
    How oft n would you eat out or get takeaway
    Do you and your partner have date night

    Splash cash for you and your partner - $50 Each Per fortnight
    Family Outing - $100
    Family Eating Out/Takeaway- $120
    School Holiday Outing - $200 per fortnight

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    Splash cash for us $50 per fortnight combined
    family outing, including a school holiday trip to the movies etc $100, usually only do that once per holiday
    date night, try to do it once a month $70 (we go to a cheap but yummy Thai restaurant)
    dont do takeaway or family nights out, it would cost us way too much as we don’t have any family friendly restaurants where we live, touristy area, restaurants are very expensive, $30 main course minimum, apart from the Thai place.
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