Hi everyone

I am seeking opinions and perhaps similar experiences.....

IVF pregnancy so dates are not in dispute. Currently 8 weeks pregnant according to IVF.

Massive bleed with clots at 5w3d and bleeding and clotting has continued up to present date, although blood is now brown and stringy rather than bright red.

First scan at 5w4d - Sac confirmed as present in uterus. Continued bleeding and clotting.

Second scan at 6 weeks - Sac confirmed as present in uterus. No yolk sac, fetal pole, baby or HB seen. Large SCH identified as the source of the bleeding.

Third scan at 6w4d - Gestational sac measured 6w5d (1 day ahead) and yolk sac present. Fetal pole seen but unable to be measured. HB seen but unable to be recorded,

Fourth scan at 6w5d - Gestational sac measured 6w5d, yolk sac present, fetal pole measuring 6w1d (baby is four days behind) HB was 122.

Fifth scan at 7w5d - Baby measured 6w6d. Now six days behind which is my main concern. SCH has grown very large. HB went from 122 up to 155 within the space of this week.

To note: I have a terrible uterus - retroverted (tilted) and we've had to rely mostly on external scans, as when we try internal scanning my uterus moved further backwards and all we can see is a grey screen! Quality of scans have been 'poor' - including the most recent one, as a result.

My question: I'm now on weekly scans to monitor the growth and movement of my SCH which is a big concern. But I'm after comments on measuring six days behind for an IVF pregnancy. I take some solace from the HB increasing so well in the past week but I'm terrified baby is not thriving as he/she should be. Granted there could be discrepancies between radiologists - the two scans done at 6+5 and 7+5 were at the same hospital but with different operators.

Your thoughts please?