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    Quote Originally Posted by Lisie2103 View Post
    Well if you do decide to stop, I will be joining you! Kind of relieved to be honest. Don't count yourself out yet though, you never know! Wait until your test tomorrow! 🤞🤞🤞
    I think if you just can't survive without another child, keep going. We mainly wanted another one so our son would have a sibling. But unfortunately not happening.

    I think I have thrush from the f@#king progesterone as well!

    Proud of myself today, went for a playdate with a friend that is pregnant. Told her what happened.
    Thanks for your support ❤️

    We’ve only just started trying for a second though so we can’t quit this early. We only did our first FET last month. I have a fair few in the freezer which is a blessing and a curse as it would be hard to stop with some left.

    Will update tomorrow.

    Ps. The pubs good! Well done for being strong xx

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    Quote Originally Posted by amiracle4me View Post
    Hello and welcome to the ‘not very much happening club!’

    Is this a frostie from your first child’s round?
    Do you have many?

    Best of luck!
    Thank you! Yea it was a frostie and it's the only one To those doing multiple rounds - you guys are amazingly strong!

    I've only done one fresh round and one FET and I am pretty sure I'm done if this frostie doesn't work out. I can see many benefits of having a single child 😂


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