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Jeez woman.. how do you do back to back and still parent your son? I’m sucking at parenting and IVF together

We went away for the weekend and I took both tests there. My poor kid had a mother that was emotionally irritable and snappy. It’s made me sad that IVF is distracting me from being present and therefore parenting. It’s because we literally have to pee on a stick, feel upset and then ten seconds later I’m having to talk about unicorns or something. I feel she gets the short straw with all this
I understand what you mean. It’s hard ❤️ The journey is completely consuming and I often feel like I’m not present. I think I need a hobby- one that requires me to use my hands so that I can’t google in my free time I’m also considering seeing the clinic psych this time around to see if she has any ideas on how to compartmentalise.

When I’m not having a conversation with someone requiring me to think about something other than ivf, I find I am constantly running through ivf stuff in my head. All.the.time. So for me taking a break would probably make me even more crazy- I’d be thinking about it and knowing I wasn’t currently doing anything about the situation and then be even more frustrated!

I’m also still on unpaid maternity leave so I want to be as proactive as I can while I don’t have work commitments to get in the way of ivf.