Hello wondering if anyone has any tips or words of wisdom. My 2yo has always loved food. He recently got too big for his highchair and was hating getting in and out so we moved him to a booster seat strapped to one of dining chairs. He hates the seatbelt and wiggles and cries and almost tips the chair over with the seatbelt on so he sits on it unrestrained, which means he’s constantly running away from the table. I think being restrained was also part of his issue with the original high chair.

So because he’s not staying at the table, he’s barely eating. Most nights he’ll eat a couple of pieces of carrot and not even touch the other foods that are familiar to him that he’s been eating since he started solids.

I said to my husband recently that we need to stop stressing about it and stop putting any pressure on him to eat because if he’s hungry, surely he’ll eat it. Other than being a pain to get to sleep (not crying or seeming distressed due to hunger, just wants to be sung to for an hour or more), he mostly sleeps through the night and is growing / developing normally. So I don’t think he necessarily needs that meal but it means he’s having afternoon tea at around 3-3:30pm then not eating until 7:30 the next morning (or later on weekends). Is this the right approach, to just let him do his thing? Or are we setting ourselves up for a world of pain as he gets older if we keep letting him leave the table and not showing that that isn’t the right behaviour?

We eat dinner together every night with no TV on or devices.

Please offer your words if wisdom!