Hi first time poster, loved this group while having my babies and thought you guys could help me once again.

My youngest boy will be 8 next month. He has two older sisters.
I’m a little worried about what is average behaviour for this age group in terms of temper.
every so often he is having troubles holding his temper, last night he lost it when I asked him to finish his meal before grabbing desert, he kicked draws in the kitchen and started banging around a chair, it lasted a few minutes, in the end he done as he was told and understood why it was wrong when we talked afterwards.
This behaviour is not a daily occurrence and otherwise he seems to manage frustrations well enough just every now and again we get this aggression from him, he has never physically hit any of us nor threaten to and calms down well enough in the end.
This behaviour has started over the last 12 months probably happened a handful of times.
I have noticed he is starting to say he feels sick when he gets to school of a morning but his teacher reports his behaviour is wonderful at school and he is achieving well and there is no social issues.
I guess I’m over worried as my brother had/has adhd and was extremely violent and I lived quiet a turbulent life growing up with him.
However I’ve been googling (I know I know 😂) and most things state that temper tantrums for this age should be a thing of the past.
Just wanted others opinions in this type of behaviour please
thank you 😊