Hi there,

I am currently 34 years old Asian with premature ovarian failure and have been TTC with my husband for the last 3.5 years. We saw a fertility specialist 3 years ago and was told I need to seek for donor egg option to be a mum. I was very devastated when I was told that I won’t be able to have a biological link with my child if I use donor egg hence I have been trying to see what alternative options.

My FSH used to be 165 around three years ago and it is dropping down to around 24-35 lately after taking 2-3 years of TCM plus acupuncture (for the last 1 year). However my AFM was <0.01 (tested last year).

Any success stories with similar issue like mine? Any tips on becoming pregnant with POF? Any fertility specialist in Sydney that you recommend? Any hope to get pregnant naturally or is IVF with donor egg the only option?

I heard Genea have a donor egg program that can purchase Asian donor eggs from the world egg bank. Anyone used the world egg bank before? Anything to be aware of?

Any recommended TCM doctors? If you went through with the donor egg option, how do you find your donor?

Very appreciated on any tips and guidances.

Thanks heaps. 😊