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    Default Positive OPK on cycle day 19, Ovulation too late???

    Hi everyone

    So hubby and I have been TTC since December with no luck
    I had been on the Depo injection for 6 months (First jab Feb 2018 last one May 2018) I think I am FINALLY onto a more regular cycle of 30 days. Before the depo I was more regular, around 28-30 days

    Ever since I have come off the depo, I have had irregular periods/cycles
    Dec 36 day cycle
    Jan 36 day cycle
    Feb 36 day cycle
    March 13 day then a 20 day cycle
    April 30 day cycle, my last period started I think on the 30th April

    I thought,yay maybe I am now back to a normal cycle of 30 days. Now I need to take into account that I never noticed ovulation since coming off the depo. I remember a friend telling me that when you ovulate, you will feel a bit 'wet'

    CYCLE DAY 19 (Saturday 18th May)
    I woke up on Saturday morning, I noticed I felt a bit wet.. I had some digital OPK so tested and got a smiley face, we did the deed that night aswell as cycle days 8,12,14,and 16.

    Have I ovulated too late if I am back to a 30 day cycle? Can I still possibly be lucky enough to get pregnant?

    Last month we tried but I just gathered I would be ovulating around day 14 so was more trying around that time but I actually, now, do recall thinking I had ovulation symptoms later in the cycle but didn't think anything of it.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated or even better, some reassurance from someone who ovulated late and went on to have a happy healthy pregnancy.. I did say this would be my month and I am actually SO excited to know that I have possibly ovulated, especially with the cervical mucus and cramping/twinges

    Thanks so much in advance and look forward to hearing from you all

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    I've been looking at FF charts and on there some people have had really late ovulation and fallen it depends on the LP I think.

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    Thank you for that!

    I guess that is the problem, I dont know how long my LP is.

    Guess I will just have to wait and see 😊

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