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    Default Undercover member - advice needed (ex's children/visitation issues)

    ** Posting on behalf of one of our regular members who wishes to remain anonymous **

    Hi there

    My husband has 2 children from a previous relationship.

    He has engaged in mediation which was effective for a little while however they have now relocated to the same city we live in so we would like to see them more frequently.

    His ex is making it hard for him to see the kids now - every second weekend and second week school holidays was the original plan. It is getting bad now that we are all in the same city. She does not allow them to come over or she simply makes plans on our weekend. The kids are very emotional and caught up in this. She relays everything to them. ANYWAY.

    She has blocked him now. We sent a letter last week outlining what we want and to ask if we can formalise a visitation plan. No response to date. He has again initiated mediation which is a process in itself.

    He has planned a trip with them overseas ( she approved in writing) and confirmed she would renew passports. Since then he had a disagreement with the boys grandma and now she is saying they are not allowed to go with him. An emotionally charged decision. She always uses them to punish him which is completely off topic.

    Anyway, does anyone know where to from here? What is the process - mediation then court? Any advice would be greatly appreciated as this is causing allot of stress for my poor husband who just wants to be able to see his kids and to know when he can expect to see them and have them stay. Thanks ladies.

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    As far as I know it’s mediation first yes.
    It’s been a long time since I went through this but that’s what was done in Queensland 10 years ago.

    If she refuses mediation it goes against her and then you have to start looking at court proceedings.

    Is she really such a difficult person? I’m a single mum again myself and protective of my kids. I feel like if someone wanted to they could paint me in a bad way too because of that.

    She does have to think of the kids but if there are issues between her ex and herself she might feel she is thinking of them.

    I hope she will agree to the mediation. It seems like there are issues that need to be sorted out once and for all.
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    My brother had a very bitter custody battle with his ex. There was (unsuccessful) mediation, before court. Even court just went on and on and she didn't comply with the court orders if it didnt suit her on that day. The process went on a very long time- years.
    It was a long, tough, expensive road that ended up having a good outcome for the kids. I wish you luck.
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