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    Default Dealing with likely infertility issues

    Hi Guys,

    This is my first proper post - However, I have been reading the forums throughout my TTC journey.

    Warning - This is probably going to be a long post so you can have context - I really need some support so I want to try and give as much information as possible.

    My DH and I collectively have 2 children - I have DD7 from my previous marriage and my husband has DD9 from his previous marriage. We have been TTC our first together for over a year now.

    Prior to going on the birth control pill, I had very regular textbook 28 day cycles, O'd day 14/15, 4 day AF.. Rinse and repeat - From the onset of 'womanhood' right through 3 miscarriages, a still birth and finally the birth of my DD 7.5 years ago.

    However, since coming off the pill, my cycles and AF have been quite irregular:
    24, 34, 29, 28, 28, 26, 27, 34, 23, 27, 24, 31, 24.

    Ideally we wanted things to happen naturally and I wasn't really tracking my cycles.

    I started charting BBT this last cycle as I wanted to be able to track when ovulation occurred so I knew roughly when to expect my period - I find I was driving myself nuts with wondering if I was actually late or it was just a long cycle...

    What I discovered tracking this last cycle is that my luteal phase is not typical. I ovulated on CD 16, temps and EWCM on day 14 and 15. (So that all seems in line)

    I then expected that I would be looking at a 30 day cycle.

    Then yesterday on CD25 (and mothers day - which sucked) AF arrived. Giving me a 9 day LP.

    My husband and I are not very good at discussing the TTC plan, and I don't know how I feel about needing to go for ultrasounds and blood tests and potentially - medication or IVF.

    My head is all a bit of a mess with it all if I am honest.
    I feel like a failure. I'm beyond disappointed and confused.

    I have looked into luteal phase deficiency and low progesterone, it's causes and treatment options and I don't line up with any of the typical causes, or really - other symptoms aside from miscarriages (my miscarriages however have all been from 14 weeks to 20 weeks).

    My GP has already given me a referral for an ultrasound and blood test which was initially to see if I was ovulating at CD 14.. But with irregular cycles I don't know when to time these tests so they aren't wasted.

    Who would or could you (I) talk to?

    It is all just a little bit much at the moment...

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    I wouldn’t stress too much at this stage. How old are you? Your first step would be to speak to your GP about how long you have been trying and your irregular cycles. The GP will likely order bloods to check your hormones and thyroid. Bloods are often taken day 2 then day 21 or 24 - they just check where you likely are in your cycle. You may also be sent for a pelvic ultrasound to check everything looks ok. Depending on your results will depend who you are referred to. If it’s a hormone or thyroid issue you may see an endocrinologist, if you have a cyst or something shows on the pelvic ultrasound you might be sent to a gynaecologist. If everything looks alright but you are still having trouble you might be sent to a fertility specialist. This is all hypothetical. Definitely speak to your GP first and go from there. Good luck

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    I'd agree with the poster above.
    Using yourown egg reduces the this probability on 5% every year. By the age of42 our chances to get pregnant and bear our children with own eggis about 7%. So age is one of the crusial factors.
    I don't thinkwe can pinpoint very well specific factors or nutrients that mightaffect egg quality. However, folate is a good candidate. It helpswith cell growth, so it would be nice to take prenatal vitamins thatcontain folic acid. I'd suggest to p*** the followingtests:
    - Progesterone CD21 Blood Test
    - LH, FSH, Estrogen,Progesterone & Testosterone CD2-5 Blood Test
    - Ultrasound onUterus
    - HSG Scan
    Address all your concerns to a professional. He'll guide you well through.
    Stay well and good luck.

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    Hello... I think age and over all health are big factors...
    I have PCOS and my husband had prostate cancer before which was luckily found out early and only needed 3 months treatment. We were married for 3 yrs before deciding to have a baby but we never used birth control. We knew either or both of us have the problem but we never held that against each other or felt guilty about it. When i turned 30 we decided to finally get consultation from obstetrician and specialists. Our case is not as complicated as we thought it was, i wasn't just ovulating every month. My husband's sperm count and motility is very good, better than how it was a few years before he said.

    Based on our blood tests we are healthier now than 5 years back. Proper diet, not much preservatives/packaged foods, not much takeaways, not much sugar, exercise (mostly walking) and holidays when we feel stressed. I have been on prenatal vitamins for years too.

    We still needed IVF but luckily only needed one round (crossed fingers no issues and we'll get to meet our baby girl on November). I responded well to the standard approach and I'm happy we listened to the specialist.

    Don't be afraid to go to the next step and make use of the new technologies. I know a friend who has been TTC for 5 years now, still insists on sticking with her OB's protocol and doesn't want to go thru ART. It's her choice but i know how frustrated they are as well after so many tries.


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