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    Default 11dp5dt spotting for days

    I’ve been spotting dark pink/brown only when I go to the loo for 3 days now. I did a fresh IVF transfer on the 29 April, so today I’m 11dp5dt. I’m using progesterone pessaries and today about 3 hrs after my morning pessary, the blood was red. Not enough to fill a panty liner/pad, only when I wipe, but enough to be concerned that this will be loss #4 out of 5 transfers.

    HPT have been getting darker since 5dp5dt, and I’m currently waiting on blood results. I’m preparing for the worse.

    Does anyone have any positive stories from early bleeding?

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    I had very early bleeding up until 12/13 weeks with my one and only current pregnancy. I had lots of BT and extra scans with the fertility clinic but they couldn’t advise what was causing it (but should have!). I went to my hospital’s Women’s Assessment Unit and I had an examination. Ectropion Cervix is what they found, the reason behind the bleeding. All the poking and extra hormones irritated my cervix. Some ladies say the pessaries can cause irritation too. Wish you lots of positive energy, hope it turns out the same for you.


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