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    Default Just Posting my story

    I am pregnant with my first baby and I am 35 weeks now. I have been facing emotional abuse from my husband. For now I can say I was not supported and taken care of during the whole of my pregnancy. He always prefers to put his choices before mine. He wanted his mom to come support me while I wanted my mom to be there for me. I expected things to go better after she came but it went worse. She wanted to have her son next to her most of the times and she enjoyed cooking and spending time with him. I was left alone to cry in the bedroom every night. He comes to bed after having a good chat with his mom everyday at 1am or 2am. He would rush to work the next morning. Weekends ended up with arguments between us most of the time and he expected me to help his mom in cooking and do all the household chores. It was when he commented about the food he is feeding me and said that I have to be grateful for that, I decided to walk away from him. I am now staying at my relatives place. I don't have a job now. I don't know what is gonna happen next. He just didn't care and still cursing me and abusing me on social media indirectly. He strongly feels I am not being grateful for what he has given me all these days. Least I expected was his time and that seems too much for him to give. He thinks shouting at me everyday and checking if I had tablets and dry fruits should be everything he has to during the whole time.We don't own a car and I was unable to walk long distances and I stayed indoors for whole 9 months. I was stressed the whole time. I spent time watching cooking videos and art and now he complaints that I was not productive. He won't allow me to read books too. I should read books of his choice. I should sleep how is mother asks me to sleep(she says I should not bend my knees while I am sleeping on my side) which was not possible with me. I am now left depressed and worried that I was not rele prepared for this and I will not be able to provide the best to my kid. I am currently fed and taken care by my uncles family and financially being supported by my parents from India for my basic needs. I don't have PR here in Australia and my bub will be an Australian citizen. I can't be here and can't go back to India as well for a longer stay. I'm like stuck totally. Just felt like putting my heart out somewhere. Hence this post

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    Welcome to bubhub! You've come to a great place for support

    Who are you seeing for your prenatal care? If you haven't already, let then know at your next appointment what has been happening and ask for their help. They will be able to link you to some services, as well as advocating for you during your birth and hospital stay if you don't want the father there etc.

    If your appointment is too far away or you would like further support, some places you can contact are (assuming you're in NSW as per your profile):

    Family and Community Services -
    Domestic Violence Line 1800 656 463
    Parent line
    1300 130 052
    Or you can go to your local office.

    Department of Human Services-call the Employment Services line on 132 850 and ask to speak with one of our social workers - 8 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday, or visit your local service centre to be referred to a social worker.

    Phone 1800RESPECT - a domestic violence support line. They can also refer you to appropriate services.

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