Hi all,

My bub will be 6 months old on the 2nd of June and I'm struggling with a feeding-nap routine. She is formula fed but rarely takes more than 120ml per feed, which means I'm forever preparing bottles for her to 'snack' on. She's also on solids - no issues, she just gets full, but will want more 15 minutes later.

I tried following a nap schedule but more often than not, can't quite stick to it because she'll get tired at random times some days while others, she's very awake and alert despite trying to maintain a routine.

Is this 'normal'? If this is just common practice at this age, so be it but maybe I'm doing something wrong? Feels like I'm constantly chasing my tail, trying to squeeze in everything that needs doing throughout the day. She's generally a demanding baby - not one to be content or solo play for a longer period of time but is otherwise happy and healthy.